PayPal has extremely secure e-commerce and expanded options to accept e-tickets, bank transfers and all major credit cards.


INSTRUCTIONS: Click on Shopping Cart icon located below an item you are interested in. It opens an invoice in PayPal's secure site with the option to continue shopping. When "Continue Shopping" is selected the screen returns to the page where the shopping cart icon was selected. Fill your chart with paintings wished for, then before checking out, select only what you can afford.  This helps with comparison shopping, is great fun, and intense thrills when viewing the total at the bottom of the invoice!  That is, before marking "Remove" and  "Update Cart."  On the invoice mark the quantities of specific cards and prints, and be sure on original paintings you have only 1 marked in quantities.  

It could happen that two people try to buy the same painting at the same time.  The person whose request is logged first will be the buyer.  The other person's credit card charge will be canceled.   

PROTECTION: All sensitive data is handled on PayPal's site, not ours.  The inconvenience to return customers was weighed against security.  Please notify us immediately of problems or anything that feels odd. Thank you for your patronage.