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What makes someone an artist? Ingredients of talent, knowledge, skill and creativity usually are part whether expressed in dance, theater, writing, visual arts, etc. Why then isn't an accomplished program assistant, bus driver, childcare provider or teacher celebrated with the same intensity as an artist? The question regarding what makes an artist stems from my discomfort in promoting the artist so as to promote the art. My understanding of an artist's function moves me one step closer to a definition.
Artists put into expression current collective existence. In many ways art is a more accurate measure of a society than written history, journals, or even raw video footage.
What is art? I don't know! But, thanks to my mentor, Helen Klebesadel, I've found the purpose for me making art. It is the place I explore questions and find answers. I even create questions to match answeres I already have. My approach to art is that of a student of both historical and contemporary masters. Also, I practice extreme artistic discipline. Sometimes days are spent doing tasks that have no marketable value - no measurable progress. Other days a good rendering happens. And, sometimes magic takes place. During those times the only part I play is that of a hollow reed. The art moves through me with a life of its own. It's easy to promote that art because I see it as a gift to us all, and I get as excited as others because of its creation. Humility is the feeling I have when putting my mark on the painting - as if it came from me. On the other hand, I have no problem pricing magical paintings accordingly, nor accepting money for them. Gee, manna came from Heaven for 40 years, and how many magical paintings will I be a conduit for? I don't know, but I'm thankful for being part of "Attention," the painting about which I told the owners, "I can die satisfied now!"
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